About Us

Simply Put…We Deliver

Constellation West is an award-winning small business with the depth and breadth of IT engineering experience to get the job done right-the first time and every time.

Since 1997, Constellation West has built a solid reputation for:

IT Engineering Excellence | Our internationally recognized IT engineering experts optimize your large-scale systems and most critical networks for maximum success in completing the mission.

Past Performance | For nearly two decades, our focus has been to do the right thing for our customers, which has earned us a proven record for customer satisfaction.

Top Talent | We deliver superior work performed by outstanding professionals with a strong sense of integrity and commitment to excellence.

Mission Impact | As a trusted advisor, we help our customers shape enterprise-level solutions that drive immediate results and future success for mission-critical systems.

True Values | Here are the values the people of Constellation West stand for: integrity, compassion, trust, leadership, loyalty, patriotism, and supporting our veterans.

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