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Strategic Command USAMS II
Contract No: FA4600-08-D-9002
Constellation West Contact: 402-393-8059
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The U.S. Strategic Command (USSTRATCOM) Systems and Missions Support (USAMS) advisory and assistance services (A&AS) contract supports all missions and requirements of USSTRATCOM. In addition, support is required for subordinate and supporting agencies, component commands, supported agencies, USCYBERCOM, Defense Technical Information Center (DTIC), and the Air Force Weather Agency (AFWA).

The USAMS II contract encompasses all of the USSTRATCOM'S mission areas:

  • Combating Weapons of Mass Destruction
  • Global Command and Control
  • Global Strike and Integration
  • Information Operations
  • Integrated Missile Defense
  • Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance
  • Nuclear Deterrence
  • Space Operations
  • Strategic Deterrence
  • Network Warfare

Also included are the following Functional Components:

  • Joint Information Operations Warfare Command (JIOWC)
  • Joint Task Force-Global Network Operations (JTF-GNO
  • The USSTRATCOM Center for Combating Weapons of Mass Destruction (SCC-WMD) and other Task Forces
  • The Integrated Tactical Warning/Attack Assessment (ITW/AA)
  • Information Operations (IO)

Support will include all USSTRATCOM-related systems such as:  the Integrated Strategic Planning Analysis Network (ISPAN); USSTRATCOM C2 systems; Command infrastructure; common-user and dedicated satellite control networks; the Space Surveillance Network; the Missile Warning systems; current and future operational spacecraft programs; National/Ballistic Missile Defense Systems; Computer Network Defense, Exploitation and Attack (CND/E/A); current and future commercial programs; a family of tactical space systems; national space systems; distributive C2 nodes/networks; and space launch vehicles to include new generation expendable and reusable launch vehicles and the overall integration of the various mission areas concept of operations.

The USAMS II contract is also used to address intelligence, intelligence-related, counterintelligence (CI), and information assurance systems.

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