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GSA VETS Governmentwide Acquisition Contract (VETS GWAC)
Contract No: GS06F0512Z
Constellation West Contact: 402-393-8059
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Veterans Technology Services (VETS), a small business set-aside GWAC, provides flexible access to customized IT solutions from a qualified, diverse pool of service-disabled, veteran-owned small businesses. VETS allows for long-term planning of large-scale program requirements while strengthening opportunities for service-disabled, veteran-owned small businesses.

Constellation West is one of 23 SDVOSB awardees now able to support VETS GWAC, and we offer IT services in both of VETS two contract scope areas:

  • Functional Area 1: Systems Operations and Maintenance
  • Functional Area 2: Information Systems Engineering

VETS allows fixed price, time and materials, labor hour, and blended task order types, providing greater flexibility in procuring different types of IT products and services and meeting your mission requirements. There is also a low 0.75% contract access fee.

When ordering from Constellation West, agencies get full credit for every dollar spent as 8(a), SDB, SDVOSB, SB and WOSB/8(m). It is rare to get this much credit from a singularone vendor in addition to top notch services that fulfill mission requirements.

Constellation West has created a Quality Assurance (QA) framework consisting of procedures, processes, and toolsets based on CMMI and Six Sigma methodologies. This structure supports Task Order performance and Task Order Deliverables preparation, inspection and testing. Constellation West's approach to Quality Assurance consists of two components: Quality Control (QC) and Process Improvement.

We have assigned QA responsibility for VETS to a Center of Excellence which is not billable to the contract. A standardized degree of QA oversight is assigned to each Task Order. For example, regardless if the QA is for a fifty-person Task Order or a three-person Task Order, the Center of Excellence will provide oversight. The Center of Excellence tailors the standard QA process for each Task Order. On a specific Task Order, the Center of Excellence personnel implement and enforce the tailored QA process across the Task Order Team resources, schedules and deliverables.

The Quality Control process assures that deliverables are formally delivered through the Contract department. Once delivered, Constellation West provides the Government an opportunity for acceptance or rejection in accordance with Government requirements. If a deliverable is rejected, Constellation West will provide the necessary corrective actions based on the Government's feedback. If an item repeatedly fails a test or inspection, the failure is immediately "flagged" for Center of Excellence staff review and analysis to determine the root cause of the underlying failure and to develop the necessary corrective actions. The feedback for the rejected deliverable is send to the Project Manager for review, approval and corrective actions. The deliverable will be sent through the same Quality Control process upon correction.

The Constellation West Quality Assurance (QA) framework includes Measurement. Based on the contract's Performance Work Statement, each Task Order is subdivided into manageable sub-tasks that can be tracked using pre-defined objective performance measurements and completion criteria. Generation of metric data is an inherent part of each sub-task procedure in our standard Quality Assurance process. Examples of metric data may include performance measurements, unit test results, regression test results, peer reviews, product inspection results, progress on meeting Limitation on Subcontracting, etc. Required metric data is specifically identified as an output for each procedure. Automated tools collect and review this metric data at every measurable stage.

The second component of Quality Assurance is defect prevention through process improvement. The goal is to continually improve our Task Order procedures and standards as a means of preventing defects before they occur. Our approach to corrective actions reflects on our commitment to quality improvement. Such actions are not approached as "Band-Aids", but rather as carefully crafted procedural changes that drive real quality improvements designed to prevent defects. All Constellation West Teammates are committed to following our Quality Assurance process.

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