Geospatial Information Systems

Today’s government operations – both military and civilian – increasingly depend on the effective acquisition, analysis, display, and management of rich geographic information.

Next-generation Geospatial Information Systems (GIS) allow agencies to visualize complex and highly dynamic data; understand relationships, trends, patterns, and opportunities; and collaborate in real time like never before.

Since our inception, Constellation West has been helping government agencies capitalize on the power of GIS hardware, software, and data to achieve mission results.

Our core competencies in Geospatial Information Systems include:

Web Mapping. Solutions that enable capture, personalization, implementation, and delivery of critical operational maps via the web and mobile platforms, including:

  • Web mapping applications
  • Workflow evaluation and optimization
  • Real-time information access and cost-effective updates
  • Integrated data sources
  • Collaboration and data sharing
Simulation and Modeling. Solutions to create and analyze geographic models – such as prototypes, emulations, stimulations – to improve decision making, including:

  • Data modeling/graphical display of layered related information
  • Simulation and client-side models
  • Worldwide surface observations/forecasts from several models
  • Watches, warnings, and tropical storm/lightning strike data, next-generation radar, etc.
  • Utilization of the Model-View-Controller paradigm
Dynamic Data Management. Solutions to improve the ability to manage large, dynamic data structures for geographic analysis, including:

  • Capture, store, and disseminate weather information from 17 meteorological satellites
  • Manage a petabyte farm of dynamic data
  • Conform data to SDE formats using JAVA/J2EE
  • Generate Google Earth/Keyhole Mark-up Language (KML) and Geographical Mark-up Language
GIS Software and Tools. Industry-leading technology solutions and toolsets to manage and display GIS information, including:

  • ESRI toolsets – ArcGIS 9.x series
  • Open systems development
  • Open space toolsets
  • ArcIMS / ArcSDE
  • Military Analysis 3D Maps
  • Graphic Display Information